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Casa deHaro in Livermore

1920s farmhouse full upgrade with new roofline, vaulted carport, raised ceiling and refurbished original 80-year-old hardwood floors. A new kitchen/great room with morning window lighting and panda doors to the patio as well as covered porches.

  • Location
    Livermore, CA
  • Completion
    May 2022
  • Project type
    Kitchen, Great room, new roofline + carport
  • Designers
    Doug Harwood + Dustin Prusso
deHaro / Subcontractors


  • Framing: deHaro Crew Raul + Tavito
  • Plumbing: E3 Plumbing Elwood Sr. + Jr.
  • HVAC: Swift Heating + Air
  • Windows + Panda doors: Precision
  • Front door: Medallion Industries
  • Hardwood Floors: HC Hardwood Floors
  • Cabinetry: Modern Cabinets
  • Painting + Staining: VHA Painting
  • Tile: deHaro Marci + Darien
  • Counters: Starlight
  • Millwork: deHaro Dustin, Randy, Mike + Dom
  • Electrical: deHaro Mike + Jane

When choosing the best contractor to take on your next project be sure their attention to detail is as strong as deHaro's.     Good luck!